Women and men invent  steps of their own as they go, dancing the night away in the Vavagil Bar.

The Vavagil Bar'n'Grill - Kokopo and Rabaul's fun place

The Bar - music, dancing, fun - people getting together

What would a tropical night be without music, dancing, and fun in a verandah bar? That's what the Vavagil's Bar provides and that's why it is a favorite night spot and place to meet for both local residents and visitors to Kokopo and Rabaul. It rocks until the early morning hours every night.

Local celebrity paua ben leader, Leonard Kania Junior (known universally as JLK) belts out one of his favorite compositions “Sweet Sexy Eyes”.DJs bring their own mixes and favorites to the bar most nights.

The music is New Guinea Islands paua ben -- a heady fusion of Islands guitar, hiphop, reggae, and rock -- presented by local DJs.

From time to time, we feature a local band live for the night. Here, JLK rocks the bar with his hit Sweet Sexy Eyes.

The staff are friendly, drinks are at bar prices, the service is quick, and security is quietly efficient and helpful.

And on those special nights, the moon trails a silver path out into the Pacific.

The Vavagil is top for entertainment in Rabaul and Kokopo.

Book a room so you can really enjoy your night out! Call: +675 982 8833 (Guesthouse) or 982 9417 (nambis).

Singles dance, mix, and match; family groups enjoy the fun. Age is no barrier to noisy night out at the Vavagil.

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