Vavagil nambis (beach) site - the lights come on as evening falls and the music starts pumping inside to begin a night of fun, meeting, and dancing.

Welcome to the Vavagil in Kokopo, the 'new' Rabaul and the hub of the Islands

The Vavagil Guesthouse & Bar'n'Grill is the happening tourist and visitors' place-to-be in Kokopo and Rabaul, offering travelers or tourists (that's roughly the meaning of "vavagil" in the Tolai language) a mix of motel and guest house style accommodation and a lively entertainment center.

Vavagil Restaurant sign marks the nambis location.

Kokopo became the "new" Rabaul and capital of East New Britain province, following the devastation of that fabled town in the 1994 volcanic eruptions.

Friendly, affordable accommodation

The Vavagil offers friendly accommodation at affordable rates for tourists, holiday makers, business travellers, and anyone on the move. It is conveniently located in the centre of Kokopo with a choice of 14 rooms totaling 17 beds in two locations a few minutes apart. It offers ready access to Rabaul.

The nambis (beach) location (above) is the home of the Vavagil Bar'n'Grill, one of Kokopo and Rabaul's favorite entertainment spots and "getting to know you" places. It also offers five motel style double rooms, self-contained with ensuite shower and toilet.

The guest house stands in a tropical garden setting.

The Guesthouse (left) stands in a garden setting a few minutes' walk up the road. It offers a mix of double and family rooms, self contained with ensuite, and family, double, single, and backpacker style share rooms with shared bathroom and toilet.

The Bar'n'Grill -- music, food, fun

The Bar'n'Grill at the nambis is open on the sea side and fan cooled. The single space is a combination bar, restaurant, and night club.

In the bar, patrons dance the night away to local paua ben music — a fusion of Islands guitar, reggae, hip ho, and rock.

With every dish, diners share the Vavagil's special seasoning -- the wonderful view across St George's Channel to the Pigeon and Duke of York Islands, and behind them, New Ireland.

The Vavagil is a choice lunch spot.

As the tropical night descends, patrons turn their attention to each other, dancing away the hours to the early morning in a haze of lights, lasers, and music.

Pokies too

The nambis site also houses the Dynasty Club poker machines; 20 pokies in a quiet, secure environment.

Call now to book or for information: +675 982 8833 (Guesthouse) or 982 9417 (nambis) 0r email.

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